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💸 Fantasy Portfolio -

💸 Fantasy Portfolio -

(by Julius Müller)

Today, we are kick-starting our Fantasy Portfolio by adding auto-AI company! is democratizing access to sophisticated AI models so that every company can effortlessly embed cutting-edge AI into their applications.

Find our in-depth investment memo HERE.

🚀 Why we would invest:

  • strikes a delicate balance between keeping the implementation of advanced AI-models easy enough for business users to champion them in the company while appealing to engineering experts with innovative approaches such as finding techniques of matching algorithms to customer data, automatically generating training sets with synthetic data, and researching ad-hoc debiasing techniques.
  • Their early traction with SMEs has shown that their business model works and they can successfully put sophisticated models into production - a task that a multitude of other AI-as-a-Service companies have failed on.
  • The founding team (ex-Google, Amazon, and Uber) and existing supporters (e.g. Index Ventures, & Eric Schmidt) are stellar and we believe they can scale this business to more businesses while keeping their innovative edge.

ℹ️ About our Fantasy Portfolio:

We believe that in order to become great VCs in the future, we should act as a VC even before it becomes a full-time job for any of us. Every addition to our fantasy portfolio will include an investment memo that lays out our reasoning. We will track our portfolio’s performance over time in this newsletter to see if we have what it takes to spot a good deal.

If you feel like we should take a deeper look at any start-up, feel free to share it with us!

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